Show me your Smile

I'll buy it for 10 cent

People in the metro mostly avoid any eye contact with other passengers. Instead, I found out that they notice somebody’s outfit more than the way that he/she looks. The reason could be linked to the personality and behavior of each individual, to the fact that they do not feel comfortable gazing at somebody, or feel disturbed when a passenger stares at them. Thus, I decided to attract people’s attention by writing a sentence on my T-shirt which would invite them to have a conversation with me, or without any embarrassment, they could just look away and ignore it. This experiment was meant to examine whether humor can break the silence, bring smiles on faces or not, and to see how far I could continue interacting with strangers. I wrote on my T-Shirt: “show me our smile, I’ll buy it for 10 cent”

TAGS: Social Design, Advertising, Creative Concept